Thursday, February 5, 2009

My First DSLR (Canon 1000D)

This is my very first DSLR, the Canon 1000D. I got it February of 2009. I was thinking hard whether to get the Nikon D60 or my 1000D. In the end, I chose to get the 1000D because it was the newer camera, it had more AF points, and a local service center was available. I didn’t really care that it sported a live-view feature.

This was the first picture that I took when I got my DSLR home (though we did a few shots at the store to test if the camera worked fine).

After that, it was a long journey of studying, learning, and experiencing photography. I’m not really here to compete with other photographers. What I want to do is to capture memories, provide an alternate view of thinks we usually take for granted, and/or simply just to enjoy that sound you here when you press that shutter button (or is that what they call it?).

I’ll post here my journey as I learn photography not only in the hopes of also sharing it to others who want to learn but maybe to get comments on my works as well.

Note: I'll post here my opinion/s. It may not always be accurate. If you find something incorrect, please let me know so that I'll learn more.